wheatbread (bodhicraigma) wrote in canine_sugar,

Ryan Horky emailed me letting me know that Canine Sugar Goes for a Walk was reviewed in Punk Planet. This is what it says:
"All things cute and cuddly rear from Canine Sugar's eponymous Goes For a Walk. The material is so saccharine that, as a listener, you feel sticky sweet all over. Hoards of short, light, poppy pieces about the good things in life: love, summer, rainbows, fried rice and Mama Cass."
This review could have been much worse. I had to look up 'eponymous' and in context, I think that the reviewer means to say that the sugar in the band's name is an indicator of the music. Thats weird to me because I made up the name after a dream in the days when we were playing Mudhoney and Sebadoh covers.
Thank you Justin Rhody for being a really nice guy and sending our cd to be reviewed.
Babe in the Woods is also reviewed. Neat!
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