stymie (eyebrow) wrote in canine_sugar,

Bubby Hanson?!?

i found an old tape in a pirate treasure chest in my room the other day.
here's what what it had on it:
Grout Zero
For Murph
Snow Comes From Space
Some Pure Thing
Dark Skies Netherworld
Services Infruction/Time Delay Nation
Imus Sucks
Skimble Shanks:The Railway Cat
Aphrodisiac E.S.T.
Happiness Pie (Bruce McCullough)

There was a personal note on the inside that i won't go into here but i think this was my first canine sugar tape.
Good Day to everybody!
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ahh yes, canine sugar's first album. I think there was another version of that tape with "its an o'reagan invasion" and "I like fried rice" but I could be wrong. the cover for that one is my favorite. Not one song title has anything to do with the song except for for murph.